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Sharing rules for custom object in Master-Detail relationship

I have a custom detail object that is the detail in two master-detail relationships. Both master objects are also custom. The owners of the 2 master records (that relate to a particular detail record) will never be the same, yet the detail record inherits its sharing rules from the master rec!

So right now I have users that can see their own master records but cannot see any detail records.


e.g. detail rec C(obj3) belongs to 2 master recs A(obj1) and B(obj2) - a user who can correctly see rec A cannot see the detail rec C.


Any ideas how I open up sharing rules so users that can see recs A and B would also see their rec C?


Hi Colin,


Did you receive any comments on your post?

Do you have any solution to creating a sharing rule for a detail object?


Thanks !!


I am also interested in seeing the reply on this!