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need coorect and right answer

8) An organization wants to leverage a custom objects to track bugs. The organization wants the ability to related bugs to parent bugs in a parent-child relationship.
What type of relationship should be used?
a) master-detail
b) self…
c) hierarchical
d) many-to-many

A developer has created an approval process. What would require that a formula entry criterion be used versus standard criteria?
a) User profile evaluates to ‘System Administrator’
b) Determine if the record is newly created
c) Determine if a record has been updated
d) Determine if a field has been changed imp


If a parent object has a lookup relationship defined with a child object. What happens in the child object when you delete a record from the parent?
a) The child record is deleted
b) Nothing
c) The parent record cannot be deleted
d) The child record cannot be deleted

What field can be controlled by translation workbench?
a) Rule Criteria
b) Formula
c) Validation Errors
d) Assignment Rules

An application was designed without considering requirements for reports are dashboard. Which of the following statements is TRUE.
a) The data model will support all the requirements of the application including reports and dashboards
b) Reports are part of the application and application design will take care of it.
c) No special considerations for reports or dashboard are required as salesforce can natively take care of the requirements.
d) The data model and the application will not cater for reports and dashboards



In a master-child relationship between a standard object and custom object.
Which of the following statements is NOT true.
Please select two (2) items
a) Standard object is always the master
b) Custom Object is always the master
c) Custom object is always a child
d) Standard or custom object can be a master
e) Standard object is never a child

1. (b)
2. (d)
3. (b)
4. (c)
5 (d)
6. (b),(d)