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Force IDE install: Now what? Stuck an pulse log-in page. Fedora 18 x86_64

Whenever I try installing the newest version of the Force.IDE I get stuck on the first title page.


This page the following information:


<com.genuitec.pulse.explorer.credentials.first.use.title>   [PULSE IMAGE]


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The three buttons at the bottom are greyed out.   There is nothing on the page that is fillable or clickable.   I simply cannot find a way past this screen, a way to create a pulse user, or a way to "Log in now!".   Nothing.  I'm just stuck.


The previous version of the IDE works, and can be upgraded.   However, it decided to uninstall itself for some unknown reason.  Of course I can install it again, and redo the upgrade process.   But it would be much better if I could just get the correct version to install.