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Hi ,


I am very new to salesforce.

Can someone help me with this


I created a new sandbox and now want to remove access for few users in that particular sandbox.

Can anyone help me with step by step procedure using dataloader.


If i remove user's access from this sandbox, will users be able to access other sandbox and production?


Please let me know




Here is how you can deactivate mass users from your Sandbox using Data Loader:


1. Create a report of Users in Salesforce and include the User ID (SFDC ID) and ISACTIVE columns in your report

2. Export the results in a CSV file which you can use with the Data loader

3. Start the data loader. Before performing any actions, make the following changes under Settings:

 - 3.1 Change the login URL from http://login.salesforce.com to http://test.salesforce.com (so that it point to your Sandbox env)

 - 3.2 Check the option - Insert null values - to TRUE

4. In your spreadsheet, u should just have 2 columns - ID (will have the SF Id of the users that you need to deactivate) and ISACTIVE (this will be set to TRUE in the report extract)

5. Delete the TRUE value from the ISACTIVE column in your spreadsheet i.e. this column should be blank

6. Login to data loader now by clicking UPDATE and login using your Sandbox username & password.

7. Select the User object and then select this CSV file

8. Map the columns from the CSV to the SFDC fields (should auto-map ideally) and then proceed with the update

9. The records in the CSV will be set to ISACTIVE = BLANK i.e. they will all be deactivated. You can validate the same using the Success log after the update job is completed


To answer your other question, these users will only get deactivated in this Sandbox and not in Prod or any other Sandbox. If you want to deactivate them from all the environments in one go, the best way to do so is to deactivate them in Prod and then refresh your Sandboxes. This action will replicate the user deactivation in all Sandboxes.


Hope this will help you make progress!


Suresh RaghuramSuresh Raghuram

what kind of sand box are you using. I mean if there is one sandbox and some othere users are also using the same sandbox and if u have admin permissions. u can do as follows.


Setup-> Customize -> users (un check the Active check box).


Using data loader get csv file with the ids of all users you want to set them to in active 


the csv file should look like this



Id                          isActive

00189787ehdh     False

then upload that file to you sandbox. But remember if that sandbox is ment for different users, be sure make this.


If that is your personal sandbox ment for only you u can play with that.


If this aswers your question make this as a solution. and give kudos. if you have any more questions you are welcome.






There are two way of doing this. 

1. If you have few sandbox then you can simply go to user's screen ( Setup-> ManageUser - > Users) and inactive user.

2. But if you have many number of users then you need to first export user Data and then in IsActive column you need to set false and update same exported csv. by doing this users will be update with inactive status.you can reactivate user any time.

Note set false only for thoese users to which you want to deactivate.