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URGENT-----SQL Query on salesforce objects

Hi All,


I have 2 objects.




Donations is the child object and have the foreign key contact id in Donations.

Each contact may donate any number of times. 

Contact to Donation have one to many relationship. So one contact has many donations.


I want to pull all contact records who donated for past 5 years from now. such that contact should have atleast one donation in each and every year.


Ex: 2009,2010,2011,2012,2013

I want the contact records who donated atleast once in 2009 and 2010 and 2011 and 2012 and 2013


If contact missed to donate in any one of the year , i dont want that record in my result.


Please help me with sql query.

Its urgent






I haven't tested this (and it looks a bit sloppy), but would a query like the following work for you?


select Id, Name from Account where Id in (select Contact from Donation__c where Year__c = 2009) and Id in (select Contact from Donation__c where Year__c = 2010) and Id in (select Contact from Donation__c where Year__c = 2011) and Id in (select Contact from Donation__c where Year__c = 2012) and Id in (select Contact from Donation__c where Year__c = 2013)

 Obviously, if this is what you meant, you could clean it up and use a for loop to build the query.

thanks alot for ur reply.

Can you please send me using for loops
i have date format as "mm:dd:yy"

Is it an actual date field or just a text field?

Is vinny here,

It is in date datatype
but this is going to run for ever.. i tried in this way but didnt succeed

You're right. You can only do 2 sub-queries per query. My bad.


How about something like this:

Map<Id, Integer> contactsCount = new Map<Id, Integer>();
Set<Id> goodDonors = new Set<Id>();

for (Donation__c d : Database.query('select Contact__c from Donaction__c where Donation_Date__c <= ' + + '-01-01 and Contact__c != null') {
	if (!contactsCount.containsKey( d.Contact__c )) {
		contactsCount.put(d.Contact__c, 0);
	Integer count = contactsCount.get(d.Contact__c) + 1;
	contactsCount.put(d.Contact__c, count);

for (Id contactId : contactsCount.keySet()) {
	if (contactsCount.get(contactId) == 5) {

if (!goodDonors.isEmpty()) {
	List<Contact> contacts = new List<Contact>([select Id, Name, ....... from Contact where Id in : goodDonors]);


Hey john, thanks alot for your response.!!

I got the answer. We can do this by using group by and having clause.

Once again thanks alot