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Custom Object New Button URL

I want to create a new button with content source URL. Where is there a reference guide for this?


I want to do something similar to this: http://sputnikmoment.com/blog/custom-button#.UaebF0C1GSp, but instead of creating a new opportunity I want it to edit the contact with some pre-loaded fields. I have no idea how to build that URL though. 


Also, something on getting started with buttons would be helpful, I can find bits and pieces, but nothing that walks you through creating the different types of buttons and provides reference for the development / code needed.


Help much appreciated!


Suresh RaghuramSuresh Raghuram

go to setup


setup-> Customize - > Obj -> buttons and Links -> edit custom button


Select the Behaviour as Display in new window ( which ever fit for you reqirement)


Slect Content Source as URL


Edittor place the url Like www.gmail.com 


Save it

IF this answers your question make this as a solution and give KUDOS.




You can create a custom button on object in 2 way 

1. Detail page button

2. Related List button


both option would be navigated as below 

Setup-> Object - > select object on which you want to create button and then click on custom button link given on top panel.