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duplicated leads, accounts & contacts

What's the best way to find duplicated leads, accounts and contacts?



I have to know if there is duplicated information, with different account managers working on It!!






Find Duplicate button on Lead detailed page help to find Duplicate Leads, Contact, Account and Opportunities.







Thanks a lot for your fast response!!


It's true, but I want to know It from all of them, not just from one record...




you can try: "lead look alike finder" to get the list of duplicates in your leads.


A lenghty way of cleaning up the data would be to export the records and there primary fields in excel sheet and then club sort them according to the primary key. you will get the repeat records. This can be done easily if the total number of records in the org are less.


For more number of records, you may try some application from Appexchange, although i personally couldnt find any effective one.


Hope it helps!


Ruchi Gupta