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Please help! Align number in PageBlockTable columns

I have a problem trying to get the numbers to line up by decimal points in a column.  I have tried text align for the whole table as well as for each individual column with no success.  Any suggestions? I don't know javascript as someone else suggested.




Here is my code, if anyone can help:


<apex:pageBlockTable value="{!myItems}" var="ni"> <apex:column headerValue="Action"> <apex:commandLink value="Del" action="{!del}"> <apex:param name="actionno" assignTo="{!actionid}" value="{!}" /> </apex:commandLink> /apex:column> <apex:column headerValue="Item Name"> <apex:outputField value="{!ni.item.Item_Name__c}" /> </apex:column> <apex:column headerValue="Type"> <apex:outputField value="{!ni.item.Type__c}" /> </apex:column> <apex:column headerValue="Unit Price"> <apex:outputField value="{!ni.item.UnitPrice__c}" /> </apex:column> <apex:column headerValue="Quantity/Hours"> <apex:outputField value="{!ni.item.Quantity__c}" /> </apex:column>

<apex:column headerValue="Description"> <apex:outputField value="{!ni.item.Item_Description__c}" /> </apex:column>

<apex:column headerValue="Item Total" > <apex:outputField value="{!ni.item.Line_Total__c}" /> </apex:column> </apex:pageBlockTable> </apex:pageBlock>