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Opportunity View based upon Account field



Relatively new at customizing SF.com and have been able to acheive most modifications but have been stumped with this one ...


I currently have a  custom field at the Account level that is a checkbox. I am looking to create a View under the Opportunities tab that only lists accounts that have the Account level checkbox ticked.


I can't seem to do it as a the veiws onlyhave fields from the Opportunity object level.


You assistance is appreciated.






Your choices are basically to either create a field on opportunity of type formula and use the "advanced formula" tab to refer to the respective field on account or to create a Visualforce page backed by apex that performs the query you want.  The former is probably better over all but the latter provides more flexibility and doesn't burn a custom field on oppty which, for some customers, can be a more scarce resource.



Thanks for the quick reply.


I like the direction of your 1st option but seem to have hit a hurdle.


As the feild in the Account is a checkbox, I can't seem to create a Boolean Custom field and use "Advanced Formula" so I have a type field incompatability. Any other suggestions? I'd rather not go down your option 2 path, to advanced for me at this stage.






Andrew is right. I am able to resolve your problem by replicating in my dev org. These are the steps I followed:-


- I have a checkbox field called 'Acc checked' on Account object.

- I create a formula field of data type text named 'Acc checked' on Opportunity object. The formula code is :

  if(Account.Acc_checked__c, "Account Checked", "Account Unchecked").

- I created a view in Opportunity named "Opportunities with Accounts checked" with filter criteria as "Acc checked   

  equals Account Checked" and listed the field 'Acc checked' in Opportunity View

- It works fine showing all opportunities who have Acc checked field checked in their respective accounts :)





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Hi Vimal,


Can i ask you a simple question regarding deployment?? Thanks