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Issue on Adding Account Teams



I have an issue on adding users to Account team (Related List) with Access on Account,Contact and Opportunity.

I have "Customize Application" Permission enabled on my profile, which lets me now to add users to Account Team.


The issue is, now i want to control the access of that user on accounts,contact and opportunities.

What i can see is a lookup to user and a "Team Role".

I am unable to see "Account access", "Contact Access" and "Opportunity Access".


Am i missing anything?

Any idea or help is highly appreciated.


Thanks in advance!






You can't edit the access levels through the Account detail page but it's possible

by changing the access levels for Account,Opportunity and Cases by the following these step:


1) Go to Administration setup

2)Mass Reassign Account Teams

3)Select the option as 'Replace an existing account team member with a new team member, or change the role of an existing team member

4)Mention the Account Name in the Search Criteria

5)Select the Account

6)Now the specify the new control access.


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Hi Siva,


As suggested, in the wizard i was unable to do so.


Let us do it again:


1) Assume that User named "Tom" is the owner of an account.

2) Assume that User named "Dave" is another user, who also has Read/Write access to the accounts owned by "Tom".

3) Now, "Dave" wants to add an account team member to the account owned by "Tom".

4)Dave now goes to the related list(Account Team) of the account and now sees "Add" button.

5) After clicking on "Add", what Dave sees is "A Look up to User(Whom he can add)" and a "Team Member Role".

6) My Issue is, Why is Dave unable to see "Opportunity Access", "Account Access", "Contact access" as a normal System admin or Account owner would see.


I hope my problem is clear.





Even i am facing the same issue.

Anybody got an answer for this?