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Maximum Number of Approval steps in an Approval process

Is there a work around to incorporate more than 15 steps in an approval process. Our business process is quiet complicated and requires close to 25 steps to cater to the requirements.

Hi Ritz,

You can check the limits in the following link,

One work around is to join more than one step to a single step and define different tasks to approvers.
By this,
* can reduce the steps
*can give details to different approvers in a single task alert.


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Workflow and Approvals Limits Workflow and Approvals Limits Personal Edition Contact Manager Group Edition Professional Edition Enterprise Edition Developer Edition Unlimited Edition Approval Processes N/A N/A N/A N/A For Enterprise, Developer, and Unlimited Editions, each approval process can have up to:
15 steps per process
25 approvers per step

Each organization can have up to:
500 approval processes per object
1,000 processes per organization
Approval Request Comments: Maximum Number of Characters N/A N/A N/A N/A Approval request comments are limited to 4,000 characters. In Chinese, Japanese, or Korean, the limit is 1,333 characters. Workflow Rules and Approval Processes N/A N/A N/A N/A For Enterprise, Developer, and Unlimited Editions, each workflow rule and approval process can have:
10 time triggers
40 immediate actions
40 time-dependent actions per time trigger
Note that for both immediate and time-dependent actions, there can be no more than:
10 email alerts
10 tasks
10 field updates
10 outbound messages
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Approval processes are available on Enterprise, Unlimited, Performance, and Developer editions. For the Professional Edition, you can enable this feature by paying an extra amount. As Salesforce is based on a multitenant architecture, it imposes a few limitations on the approval process:
• For each approval process, you can have a maximum of the following:
  • 30 steps per process
  • 25 approvers per step
• Each organization can have the following limitations:
  • 300 approval processes per object
  • 1,000 approval processes per organization
• An approval process's e-mail limit per day is as follows:
  • 1,000 per Salesforce standard license
  • 200,000 per organization                                          
Note: Once an organization's daily limit of 200,000 exceeds, Salesforce will send a warning e-mail to the default workflow user and discard all the e-mails. Salesforce will not try to resend them later.
You cannot delete active approval processes. If you want to delete them, you will first have to inactivate the approval process and make sure no records have been submitted for approval. If any records have been submitted, delete them and remove them from the recycle bin.
Once an approval process is activated, you cannot add, delete, or change the order of the steps or change the reject or skip comportment of that process, even if you make the process inactive.
Various ways to approve a request – approval settings
You can approve records in Salesforce by three ways, which are follows:
• Via a UI
• Through a wireless-enabled mobile device
• Via Salesforce Chatter 
Thanks for reading....
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