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URL encoded filenames not reflected in package.xml when retrieving profiles through Ant

If I retrieve a profile using the Force.com Migration Tool (i.e. Ant) whose name contains certain characters, such as open or close round brackets, the character is url encoded in the resulting .profile filename.


For example, a profle name My Profile (Test) would yield the file My Profile %28Test%29.profile.


However, the corresponding <members> element in the generated package.xml file still lists the name in its original form (i.e. without the encoding). This means you cannot deploy the retrieved content without first modifying the package.xml file, which seems contrary to the intent.


The above was observed with v17.0 of the Migration Tool.








Thanks for sharing this experience with the Force.com Migration Tool.  We'll investigate this behavior in the Metadata API and change it if appropriate.




salesforce.com Product Manager


When using the Eclipse plug-in the entries in the resulting package.xml match the encoded filenames.


I suspect this is happening because of some post-processing performed by the plug-in.



Sourabh Agarwal 26Sourabh Agarwal 26
Hi GSBasso,

Did you find any solution for this problem