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Storage Usage




Does anyone know what happens if your run out of storage capacity in your org?

Will your org stop working? Will your users be prompted with errors when they attempt to create records?


Any information is appreciated.







Nothing happens, really. If you continue over your storage limits for a period of time - not sure what that period is - SFDC will invoice you for the extra storage. I've gone over by 300% before, with no charges or other impacts - I just deleted the extra data (caused by an out-of-control batch job).


Of course, I caught it within two days.


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Hi ,


Salesforce gives us an additional buffer space size of 30% of your total space in your org.

For example, if your Org size is 10MB , you can work upto 13MB without issues.

After 13MB, you cannot do any new record insert/create activities.





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