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Advise requested

I have two systems one is an ERP system...that will allow me to get the data out in a CSV or excel file, the other is Salesforce.  I have about 5000 accounts in each of them.  I need to update salesforce accounts (a custom field) with the organization id from the ERP system.


Does anyone know an easy way to do this?  How will I match the 2 up...based on account name and address.  

Its difficult to compare S. Main St. with South Main Street.


Is there a tool that could at least help update all the exact matches?  I imagine it wouldn't reconcile all 5000 records but maybe a few thousand.


Please advise!



Cory CowgillCory Cowgill

Typically in this type of Scenario you would want to leverage External IDs.


In Salesforce, I would look to see if you have an External ID field on Account which would be the ID of the Organization record in your ERP System. External ID's are used to match records between Salesforce and other Systems uniquely.


Secondly, for Data Merging there are a few options there. One of the easiest is using the Data Loader tool.




If you have an External ID in Salesforce, you can use Dataloader to do Upserts.


You can also look for tools on the Salesforce AppExchange http://appexchange.salesforce.com/home




Thanks for your help!

I found this....but what if the ID I want is not unique???  It will be a one to many...one in my ERP system and many in Salesforce.  


Again thanks for you help!