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Command Line Data Loader

Hi All,


I am using Command Line data loader to load the data in salesforce. I have couple of queries on this:


1. Can we create multiple process-conf.xml file?

2. Can we make the process-conf.xml configurable i.e. instead of hardcoding the values in the file I pass as an argument?

for e.g. <entry key="sfdc.timeoutSecs" value="600"/> the value is 600 is hardcoded here.





Hi Sahil,

you can run multiple process-conf.xml file. You might want to have a look at this tool which generates configuration files from a graphical interface, I found it very useful to start and organize my batch processes: http://code.google.com/p/dataloadercliq/ .

You can use the config.properties file to pass in the process-conf file different settings.

Please visit this wiki page: http://wiki.developerforce.com/index.php/Apex_Data_Loader 

and download the reference guide: http://na2.salesforce.com/help/doc/en/salesforce_data_loader.pdf for more details.


There is another tool, called the Synchronizer based on MS Access that does something similar.

You can get it from the AppExchange here: Synchronizer


It is very cool!!