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Salesforce Project

Hello Everyone,


Firstly i introduce myself to all.. I am Sujan kumar Reddy, recently cleared 401 certification. But i am not aware of how projects are executed actually in Salesforce? Is Custom Objects are need to be created mandatorily? Earlier i was into Insurance projects, Can anyone who developed insurence projects, can i know what custom objects you have created in your projects? and how your project execution will be? 


I will be so thankful to them who have given me reply for this post!!


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Custom objects is not mandatory for your projects and you create a custom objects if your projects has requirement for custom objects.


Project Plan:-  Firstly you should learn MVC (Model View Controller) Architecture in which model represents database in the form of objects., view represents page in the form of Visualforce page, controller represents logic code in the form of classes.

In "View" you will create the Visualforce page that used apex component, JavaScript and html language.

In "Controller" you will create classes and in classes you will write your program logic that will use apex language.

In "Model" generally you will create objects as you know in other languages you create Table, in objects you will create custom fields according to your requirement. Custom field worked as a column for table. in Model you can use soql or sosl query.


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