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Allowing Partner Portal users to use Data Loader? Security Token?

Hi. I need to allow my Partner Portal users to update lead data on a regular basis and I was hoping to use the Data Loader. My PRM users have API access enabled, but I can't figure out how to get them a Security Token for the log in to the Data Loader.


Any ideas? Does anyone know if this won't be possible?




As a Security Token is tied to a Salesforce User license this would not be possible for Partner Users as they do not use a Salesforce User license. However, a way around this would be to purchase, or use an available Salesforce User license not being used as a genric login for your Partners. Give it a username and set the email to your own, that way you can receive the password email. then you can login as this user, grant your admin login access and send yourself the security token. Then you can give the username, password and security token to your partners.


The only problem here is that that username and password would allow them to access your org Salesforce instance as well.


Curiously, I've just discovered that this is not entirely accurate - it's possible for partner portal users to use the data loader if they are logging in from a trusted IP as they do not then require a security token. 


So a way to get around this would be to add the IPs of your partners' networks, and then they could at least login from there.