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Partner Portal sharing - share within each partner org?

Here's how I'd like to set up permissions for several objects, including Accounts:


* fully open read/write internally

* no access for partner users unless owned by a partner user

* if owned by a partner user, shared with every other partner user in that same partner org as read/write


Getting the first 2 to happen is easy (set to Private, add sharing rule to share to All Internal Users when owned by same).


But how do I get that 3rd to happen.  Seems like it would be a pretty common setup, but it doesn't look easy.  There's the 3 partner roles within each partner org (executive, manager, user) but I think partner executives  can by default only read recs owned by other partner execs, not read/write.


Only solution I can see is to create a public group for each partner org containing all of that partner org's profiles, then put in a sharing rule for each partner org based on the group.  Is there an easier way?


Thanks much!

I believe that what you propose is the easiest way. You could try to share the Account on the specific Partner Account and make sure all your Partner Contacts for the Partner Account had that Account Shared to them, but that only limits the Read/Write access to Accounts, Opportunities and Cases. Good luck!
Hey mattybme, thanks for replying.  But I have read your post 4 times now, and I don't really understand anything after that first sentence.  Could you elaborate or rephrase?
Lol. I guess my American isn't that good. OK what I meant was in order for Partner Users to respect your permission settings but allow them Read/Write access to some objects, including Accounts, is to make sure that you share the Account with all the contacts you have set up as Partner Users. So lets say you have Contact A, B and C on Account 1. All three contacts are setup as Partner Users. On the Account 1 detail page select the Share button and add Contact A, B and C with Read/Write access on the Account, Opportunity and Case. Those three objects are all you can share at this level. Pared with the other two steps you have done this might help expose those objects with Read/Write access. Also, while I think of it, what Partner License are you using? Depending on the license you may not be able to display an object to a particular Partner. For example we have a Silver Partner License and we cannot expose either the Account or Contact tabs to those users.

OK, I get what you're saying now.


It seems much better to me to use sharing rules, rather than to rely on manually sharing every account in this way.

Understood. However, you mentioned that Sharing Rules only got you a percentage of the way and did not bring full resolution to you permission requirments for your Partner Users. Account sharing might augment your sharing rules.
I It's not that it doesn't get me what I need.  It's just that it requires a bunch of ongoing admin work, since it requires changes to the settings every time I set up a new partner org.  (But that's much less work than what you suggest.)