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eWay and Salesforce

Has anyone got this able to work?

I was told by eWay support that we create a form for customers to fill out, that form then populates an object in salesforce, and then we manually process the payment.


Where do I even begin to get this started? I have an eWay account and all that setup. I'm just to the point of needing to know how to start accepting payments. 

Siddhesh KabeSiddhesh Kabe
I suppose you should contact eWay on how they are doing it.
They don't provide any support on how to get a form to populate SF.

Hi OP,


We have deployed a number of successful eWay integration projects.  I can say from experience that they are not out-of-the-box solutions and you will need some development assistance in setting up.  Overall apart from the development time in setting up its a pretty good service.



C. Cronin 

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product is OK but service is lousy

Ron WildRon Wild

If you're willing to implement your checkout in Sites, try PaymentConnect.  We've added native support for eWay AU (native terminals, tokenized payments, site checkout) and the more limited eWay NZ and UK APIs.


Unlike some of the other processors, eWay does not offer an IPN or transaction posting feature, so you can't set up a "listener" in Salesforce to build payment records when a transaction is done outside of SF.  However, you can initiate a transaction from a Sites page, or visualforce, and from that vantage point, you have the option to store relevant transaction details in SF.


- Ron