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Reports--Please Help!!!!

I am trying to create a report based upon the report type: Account with Custom object1 with Custom Object2. Custom object 1 is having look up to Accounts and Custom object 2 is having Master detail to Custom object1. Now, I want to include Account fields in the report but, standard filters should be based upon . With this report type, Account fields are achievable but Standard filters are based on Accounts ( View Filters). Another option I tried is, by creating report type Custom Object 1 with Custom Object 2 but here I am not able to extract account fields though standard filters are having views from Custom object 1.


 Is there any way I can create a report where I can include Account fields as well as Standard filters from Custom Object1

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If you have a custom report type for Custom Object 1 with Custom Object 2, you should be able to use the Account lookup field from Custom Object 1 to access the Account fields.  The trick is that you wouldn't specify Account in the Object Relationships section of the report type.  Instead, edit the layout, in the View box select Custom Object 1 in the drop-down list, then below that click the "Add fields related via lookup" link.  Your Account lookup field should be listed.  Click on it and it should expose the Account fields where you can add them to the layout.