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Help with Contact Record Type

I am trying to get the content that is my 'Account Record Type' Field to populate at the contact level for every contact under that particular account.  I have tried mapping, workflow, and formulas and am at a loss.  Doesn't see like it should be this hard.  I appreciate any help with this.



Have you tried this:

  1. In Contact, create a custom formula field returning text
  2. In the Advanced Formula tab, click Insert Field
  3. In the left-most pane, select "Contact >"
  4. In the next pane, select "Account >"
  5. A third pane should open up.  Look for the Account Record Type field and select it
  6. Click Insert to add it to the formula
  7. Save the formula

This should allow you to see the Account Record Type at the Contact level.


Thanks for your help.  I actually did try this and unfortunately, Account Record Type is not an option on that third pane.  I have been told after calling SF 10 times that 'Record Types' are not technically fields.  They have advised me to build a workflow to achieve what I am trying to do.  I looked into that and could not find anyway to accomplish this.


I appreciate the effort. 


I managed this by creating two custom formula text fields.


Formula 1 = Account.RecordTypeId


Formula 2 = If(Formula 1 = "record type id in quotes" ,"Healthcare Record Type","Null")


You can do an and formula for multiple types.


Then just put the second formula field on the page layout.