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Roll up summary field

Hi there,


I have a custom object called Flight_Cost. That object is linked to Opportunity object with master details relationship. On the Flight_Cost, I have a formula field call cost (currency).  I am trying to create a roll up summary of the cost field but that field is not available when the SUM option is selected. Am I doing something wrong?


I had Advanced Currency Management feature turned up. It doesn't work when I turned the feature off as well.


Please advise.




You cannot create a roll up summary field that is tied to a formula field.  The cost field in Flight_Cost needs to be defined as a currency field, and that will allow you to select it for the roll up in Opportunity.


Since that takes the formula out of the cost field, you can use a Field Update rule to apply the formula and place the result of the formula in the cost field.  Then the value will roll up as desired.



Wonderful! It works. But as soon as I turned the advanced currency management feature it kills off the roll up summary fields (currency format)


But much appreciated your help.







I have a similar problem on a custom object. Detail object has a formula field "Cost" defined as type "Currency"  = Person-Rate * Hrs. The values show up right


On the Master object, I am trying to define a roilup summary field for Total cost,. The Cost field of child does not show up.


SFDC has shown that this works:

In the recent work book published by SFDC, the Invoice statement master object has Line item as child.  Line item has a formula currency field = unit price * units sold as "value". In the Invoice statement object, I am able to create a rollup summary field for total value, and the Child's value field shows up.


Can you please explain the difference.




Now that you point it out, I see that the contents of the formula in the Line Item field have an impact on whether the formula field can be rolled up to the parent.  Here's an Opportunity Line Item formula that I could not roll up to the parent Opportunity:


IF( Product_Family__c = "Data Services", TotalPrice, 0.00)


The Product_Family__c field was defined as a formula field that would do a lookup to the PricebookEntry object.  In my tests, I found that the having Product_Family__c in the Line Item formula was preventing the field from being available for a roll-up summary.  I was able to substitute a variety of other fields in place of Product_Family__c and make the forumla field available for roll-up.  So in my case, it was one specific field in the formula that was causing the problem.


I suggest you look at the fields in your Line Item formula and try them individually in the formula to see if one of them may be preventing the formula field from being available for roll-up.  Once you isolate the cause, you can determine how to work around it.



Create a Hidden formula Field on child object with return type as number and returning the value of currency field.

Then Roll up this number field on parent object make it hidden.

Then Create another formula field on parent object with returning roll up field value and return type as Curreny.

I hope this solves your Problem.

Really nice work Nikhild!  Worked like a charm. Thanks so much.