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Web to case be sent with a specific record type



I need the cases created from the web to case form to be create dwith a specific record type. I've tried changind the support settings to keep the record type of the user asigned to the case, an assignment rule thta assigns the case to a user with that record type as the defalut, but it didn't work. Is there something I need to add to the code? I'm not a developer so if you can help me with the code that would be great!


Thank you! 


That setting is for manually created Case records:-

The behavior used when applying assignment rules to manually created records.

Record Type Setting Override the existing record type with the assignee's default record type Hence in your case it is "Web to Case" which is ideally not manual creation via the Standard Salesforce UI, hence it is not firing.

What you can probably do is set the record type you want to assign for web based cases as default so it will automatically take it as it's record type.

Did this answer your question? If not, let me know what didn't work, or if so, please mark it solved.



I created an internally hosted web form that people use to request IT support. Similar to yourself I wanted to seperate the cases. I eventually did this by passing a custom hidden value in the form. It may not be best practice but it certainly work.


I called this custom value in salesforce ITCaseFilter and passed a hidden field in the webform then used assignment rules. If it contained this value then to change the record type.  Works quite well. Would be curious to hear if there is a more elegant way of doing this



<input type=hidden name="customvalue" value="true">



Could you tell me where is the setting for the default record type on the web generated cases? the only options I find for setting up the web to case are enabling or disabling the web to case, the default origin and the default response template.


Thank you 


I don't understand how an assignment rule will affect the record type. I already created the hidden field, and have an assignment rule and a workflow rule, but still the case arrived with the incorrect record type.


Any more details so I can apply this?


Thank you


I don't see how an assignment rule can do this either.  A workflow rule should work, though.  Did you create a custom field in the case to correspond to the hidden field?