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Timebased workflow not getting fired on exact time

Hi, I have a timebased workflow (time trigger) created after 1 hour of a date field on a record.

It's not firing on exact time. If you see the screeshot the time it should fire is 12:04 PM but now it's 12:12 but it's still not fired.

It's taking 15 to 30 mins and sometimes more to fire and doing the action.




Is it queued and it's not exact time all the time? I am doing this in a DE org. Is it the issue?

In production environment will it work fine?


Thanks for your help,


Sfdc will schedule your WF to execute at specified time, however, it will stay in queue and will be executed depending on server availability. You might experience delays with time based WF.
Kalpana ReddyKalpana Reddy

I'm sure workflow runs on the time. Check the logs for the time it kicked in.

But all these things goes into queues and once it goes into queues it will be delayed

especially in the dev org, prod org might be little faster but still its not real time.