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Reset time for case and entitlement



We would like to reset the entitlement countdown time when a case is set in status "On Hold" and then put in "In progress" again. Time should stop counting when put in "On Hold" and then restart when not "On Hold".


I have set up Milestones, entitlement process and entitlements that are linked to Accounts and cases. Everything works fine.

I think that it is the "Case enters the process" and "Case exits the process" that is the key to set this up?


Any ideas on how to configure those so that the process restarts on "On Hold" status change?


I had a similar requirement and what we did was create a workflow rule to stop the entitlement process when a "stop" case status is selected  and create another to start the entitlement process when a "go" status is selected.  The workflow action associated with rules is a field update that updates the Stopped (IsStopped) field of the case object.


I didn't use the advanced formula builder, just selected fields, operators, and a value.   Here's what I used to stop the entitlement process:


Case Workflow Rule

(Case: Status equals Postponed,Closed,Waiting for Customer Confirmation,Waiting for Customer Information) or

(Case: Status equals OnHold, Shipping, Rejected, Waiting for Customer Purchase Order)


Case Field Update

Case: Stopped = TRUE.


To start the entitlement process, I simply created a workflow rule like above but used the status in which the clock should be running and added a field update that set IsStopped to FALSE.


Hope this helps.



@craigt_rcse, thanks for your helpful reply.  Do you mean that when Case.IsStopped is TRUE, the case exits the entitlement process? How does it then re-enter the process? I ask becasuse while you can set complex criteria for entering the process, it looks as though the only choices for cases entering a process are between CreatedDate and a custom DateTime field.

Or is is the case that IsStopped automatically starts and stops the Entitlement Process, so that all you have to do is create the workflow rules/field updates to map your statuses to IsStopped = TRUE or IsStopped = FALSE?

Second question: workflow rules can take while to trigger their field updates, whereas milestone actions are guaranteed to take place within one minute. Did you try the approach of defining two milestones, one for the stopped and one for the non-stopped statuses, and use them to fire field updates to set IsStopped? Or is that self-referential in a way that fails?

Cheers, Scott