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Exporting / Importing RichText Area data using dataLoader

Hi Boards,

I have some data populated in richtext Area fields in sandbox.

I would like to migrate them to production.


RichTextArea contains embedded images, I would like them to be exported them as is.

I took the export using DataLoader and the csv file shows the path of the image instead of the image data. How do I accomplish the export  ?


Any insights will be appreciated.



Sorry I know its little late to respond just in case if any one else looking for a similar solutions. We have faced this in one of our project as we need to send the richtext data to an external system which is not integration in any way to salesforce. The text got displayed fine but since the image url is available only with in the salesforce instance it just get displayed with no image . For this we had to come with a public site and whenever we export the data we replace the url with the community url. Make sure the community profile have all access to the related objects and fields.
Hope it helps