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How to allow a group of users to edit the locked record that is routed for approval?

I don't want to give them sys Admin profile or modify all data priviledge. Is there any other way the specific group of users can edit records routed for approval (locked reord).


 Please take example of a Quote which is under process of approval and email sent to the approver and the user wanted to edit and does not have Sys Admin profile.


Can I use sharing rules or something?






I guess try giving he user delegated administrator , not sure if he can edit the record being as delegated administrator but you can try once


I think deeigated Admin will not work for me as we don't want all of the records visible to the group.

Deligated admin can see all the records in the org right?


Not sure if he can see all the records but i don't find a other way to edit the record while it is in approval process