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Cisco Unified CallConnector CTI Adapter in VisualForce page



I have a client who has requested that the softphone dialer of the Cisco Unified CallConnector be functional in a couple of scenarios which are not delivered by Cisco and SalesForce out of the box. The most interesting is integrating the dialer in a VisualForce page.


This is VF page fully built and functional, using the SF CTI Demo Adapter 3.01.


Upon testing with the Cisco UCC adapter, the dialer works properly on a native page using native object page rendering. When a VF page is loaded the Cisco softphone displays the error message:  "Error connecting to the Salesforce.com AppExchange API: Only urls under the salesforce.com domain are allowed". The VF page is running, as expected, from the [pod].force.com domain.


The issue is similar to the error scenario described in this thread:



Is this AppExchange API restriction something which is built into the Cisco adapter?

Is there a configuration workaround?

Is there another CTI adapter which can connect to the Cisco Unified Communications system and provide the same features?


I am trying to avoid writing my own CTI adapter to solve this issue, any insight would be much appreciated.


Edit: a bit more information gathered from the adapter's local machine log, collecting at the lowest log level.

CShellEventHandler::UpdateSid: COM error while attempting to use Office Toolkit. Specific error message: Only urls under the salesforce.com domain are allowed.
Call Center Edition Version 1.01

Browser Connector Version 1.01

CTI Connector - Cisco Unified CallConnector for Salesforce.com version 1.1.12




Any assistance on this Cisco softphone domain restriction would be greatly appreciated.