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Deployment of the code

We fix defects and move the fixes to prod and we have deployments very frequently. We have many test cases and to deploy the code to prod it is taking almost 2 hours. If we did any mistake or if any of the test class fails for what ever reason it might be, still we have to wait for the two hours and fix the problem and again start the deployment and again we need to wait for two hrs and fix it and start the deployment again.....Its so painful to do it as we have frequent releases...

Is there any way that we can stop the deployment in the middle as soon as we see any test class failing other than to wait till all the test classes get executed.


Pls help...


I just quiet didn't get this, if your test class gets passed in the sandbox and if it give syou enough coverage why does it fails in moving to production, i suggest you to validate before deploying to production


Sometimes we had a problem like if the salesforce server is too slow some of the test cases failed saying timed out ... with out making any changes if we run it the next time they get deployed successfully(thats actually weird)....Suppose if we had missed any pre deployment steps that should be done before actual deployment and that may also cause failure ....So what I would like to know is how can we stop the deployment once we start it or how can we stop the deployment as soon as we see a test class failure.


You cannot stop the deployment once it is started, so to see if the test class fails or not i would validate it before deploying,did you tried by validating it?


Any ways validating also takes 2 hrs. So even then we have to wait .


There is no solution to this?


Thought it's just me, 'cus I don't see many people complaining about this.  Even deploying two simple classes takes over 5 minutes from the IDE.

Somehow using the change sets is faster.  

The Force.com IDE definitely needs improvement here.