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Creating an app by extending the Salesforce1 app



I am a native app developer who is new to Salesforce .


When I create an app by extending the Salesforce1 app and add more functionality using VisualForce, is my app packaged as a native app or is  it rendered as a mobile web app in my device?






Salesforce1 is available in two version - a pure web/HTML5 version and a hybrid version for iOS and Android. The hybrid version of Salesforce1 is what users download from App Strore/Google Play and is the most likely route that your users will experience Salesforce1. Any Visualforce pages that you add to Salesforce1 are rendered within the 'hybrid' container of Salesforce1. You can of course also access the VF page via the web version of S1, but as I said before, the vast majority of users will probably use the hybrid versions of the app.

For further reading on web vs hybrid vs native mobile architectures, you can refer to this article - http://wiki.developerforce.com/page/Native,_HTML5,_or_Hybrid:_Understanding_Your_Mobile_Application_Development_Options.


Hope this helps. 


Thanks Sandeep for the helpful reply.


There is currently no text in the provided link. is there any alternative reource that I could refer to?



Thanks :)


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