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Ritika JRitika J 

Live Agent chat button for portal users

Hi ,


I want to show live agent chat button for portal users , please suggest me how to do this.



Thanks in advance


Ritika JRitika J

I have  added code of deployment and chat button to footer , but still when i login as portal user i was not able to see  chat button .

here is my code

<h2>This is a title before the footer</h2>

<!-- START Salesforce Live Agent Button/Link Code: Place this code into your HTML wherever you want this button/link to appear -->
<script type="text/javascript">
<a id="liveagent_button_online_573g0000000CaR7" href="javascript&colon;//Chat" style="display: none;" onclick="liveagent.startChat('573g0000000CaR7')"><!-- Online Chat Content --></a><div id="liveagent_button_offline_573g0000000CaR7" style="display: none;"><!-- Offline Chat Content --></div><script type="text/javascript">
if (!window._laq) { window._laq = []; }
window._laq.push(function(){liveagent.showWhenOnline('573g0000000CaR7', document.getElementById('liveagent_button_online_573g0000000CaR7'));
liveagent.showWhenOffline('573g0000000CaR7', document.getElementById('liveagent_button_offline_573g0000000CaR7'));

<!-- END Salesforce Live Agent Button/Link Code -->


<script type='text/javascript' src='https://c.la2w1cs.salesforceliveagent.com/content/g/deployment.js'></script>
<script type='text/javascript'>
liveagent.init('https://d.la2w1cs.salesforceliveagent.com/chat', '572g0000000CaR7', '00Dg00000004qUs');
<!-- END Salesforce Live Agent Deployment Code -->




please help me on this.




Live agent integrationLive agent integration

You can paste the chat button code and deployment code in Home page by adding a home page component.