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SF2SF Lead transfer automation

Assume an SFDC instance in each of 3 global regions (Americas, EMEA, APAC).  A 4th SFDC instance sits in marketing.  I want to automatically route Leads that get created in the Marketing SFDC to 1 of the 3 regional SFDC instances.   I have SF2SF up and confirmed working on all 4 instances, and I can manually click the "Externally Share" button on a Lead detail page and get it to show up on a regional SFDC instance. 




1)  Would a trigger + APEX code be the best way to automate external sharing?  If so, any pointers to sample code for triggering the SF2SF external sharing would be most welcome.


2)  I need to set the Record Type in the regional SFDC instance to something different than that of the marketing instance.  Is that possible?