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Merging Organizations

Hi we have Enterprise edition for Non Profit and have the following scenario:


There are two different organizations by the same name and different documents,Affiliated contracts,payments and bunch of other stuff related to both of them but on an whole they both should be one.And we also have the ihance email integration that logs in emails that are diffrent for both the organization.


So we need to merge all the data also related to both the organizations to one.

I am working as a SF Admin/Dev in the Company and i am pretty new to salesforce and don't know much about this.Can anyone suggest me the most efficient way to achieve it without any kind of data loss from both the organizations.

Any input is greatly appreciated.Thanks a lot in advance.


I don't really have experience with this, but it might be what you're looking for:




Hi Craigmh


I think i am not clear enough.Let me tell you.
So in Non Profit we have a tab called Organizations.That are like person accounts.Its not like Salesforce Organization.

So i have duplicate in Organizations.they are more like contacts.We have merging option given by Salesforce for Contacts but nothing given for Organizations.
Please correct me if am wrong or let me know if anyone needs more detials




Hey Smartgost,


I just replied to your post on Linked in, most people on these sites, including myself think of an instance of SFDC when you say Org.


Go to the accounts tab, go to tools, then click on "Merge Accounts". I beleive what your admin has done is re-named the accounts tab to Orginizations.


If not and it is a custom object, you will run into more issues.




Hi Trimble.

Actually i am the admin here but yes you are right the previous admin has renamed Accounts as Organizations(its just the display name for Accounts).

So now i have Merge Organizations also.Is it the same as you were talking about because i saw it and looked the same.I was about to test this on the sandbox and then push that to org.

I will keep you posted on this.
THanks a lot for the help ..

Thank You