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Automatic pop up to activate workflow rule

When a user closes an opportunity, I would like to give them the option to send it to the A/R department for invoicing (now a workflow rule via email).  I was thinking the easiest way to do this would be that when a user closes the opportunity, there is a pop up or notification that asks the user, then fills in a checkbox field on the record (To Be Invoiced) based on their response.  The workflow rule would then have a condition to only activate if the checkbox were true.


I now have the checkbox on the opportunity form, but I'm not confident in the system, as I feel that the checkbox is easy to miss.  Is there a way to force the user to consider this option (like a field validation) but not force them to chose one or the other?  I thought a popup question may be what I am looking for.


Or if not, any other suggestions to reach the same functionality?



There are a couple things you could do.  One easy idea is to implement two check boxes.  One for "Yes" and one for "No".  Then create a validation rule that says if the record is in it's closed status, one (and only one) of those two boxes must be checked.  This will force a decision.  I have also implemented a somewhat dirty solution where i overrode the record's detail page with a visualforce page and used a custom field to signal that the record was being closed for the first time.  So when the user clicked save on the close, they would be redirected to the detail page, it would be intercepted by my override, the user would be prompted to confirm a few things and add some notes, then they were directed back to the normal detail page.  that seems more complex than what you need though, and it wasn't a great solution because it still didn't force a user to fill out the fields (they could just navigate away and their previous save would still take).

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