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Parallel Approval

I know there is an option to specify whether the approval step "Requires UNANIMOUS

approval from all selected approvers" or "Approve or reject based on the FIRST response" for the "Automatically assign Approvers" option when multiple approvers are selected.


I have couple of questions.  Why are these options not available for the "Let the submitter choose the approver manually" and "Automatically assign to queue", becuase both are supporting multiple approvers?


The scenario is I want the user to choose a sub-set of users from a Queue while submitting for approval and also specify whether approval requires approval from all or any user in the subset.


Is this possible programmatically (via Salesforce API)?






Hi Vel,

i am running into a similar issue here and wonder if you can help me out.

The issue is how to kick off an approval process with parallel approvers. Even worse: my process can have up to five steps, so i have configured in a custom object who will be the approver for each single step. I can add 5 related fields in my object, which i populate with the relavant users upon save, and configure the approval process that it has to use Approver1__c in the first step, Approver2__c in the second, and so on. That will work when i only have one single user per step.

However, suppose there are 2 users who should approve step 1? How can i do this? Is that even possible?

If the previous is possible i suppose there will be an option in the API for "Requires UNANIMOUS approval from all selected approvers" or "Approve or reject based on the FIRST response". If you can share that, that would be even more awesome.

Hope you can help me out here!