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Creating a custom button



I'm very green with the whole coding/custom building thing, but I've managed a few feats that encourage me to try some more.  What I'm trying to do is create a button on an opportunity page that when clicked, will send me (specifically me) either a task or an email.  The body of the task/email can simply give the project number of the given opportunity.  I'm just trying to make it easier for my construction leads to tell me when a job can be invoiced.  (the obvious phone call is just not working...)


Does anyone know how to do this?  BTW, we only have Salesforce Professional.


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you can always do by opening a visualforce page on custom button click. The id of the oppurtunity will be passed to the controller, which will be used to send the email


Nice that you mentioned you only have PE. On change of stage (set up a WFR) send an email alert/create a task for yourself. In the email template use the required merge fields.


Does this answer your question? Or you want a button click still?


Since I don't understand what your email actually says (WFR?) I guess I'd prefer directions on creating a button.


WFR means workflow rule. It is a method used in SFDC to automate (includes updating field, creating task, sending email - all based on criteria).


I'm looking into workflow rules -- ideally what I'd like to use, but it would appear I can't create a WFR with only SF Professional?  My hope was to automate the billing process -- when the installation manager changes the project status to Installation Completed, I wanted it to automatically generate an email or assign a task to me to invoice the customer.  Seems like it should be easy enough...


Oh, my bad.


See whether 'Big deal' alert can help you.


Customizing Big Deal Alerts

Available in: GroupProfessionalEnterpriseUnlimited, and Developer Editions

User Permissions Needed
To activate big deal alerts:“Customize Application”

Your organization can use alerts that automatically send an email notification for opportunities with large amounts. Customize this alert to send an email when an opportunity reaches a threshold. Your threshold consists of an opportunity amount and probability. For example, you may want to send an email to your team that an opportunity of $500,000 has reached a probability of 90%.


 Activating Big Deal Alert



No, it has nothing to do with the amount of the job; just when the installation is complete.  Now if I could change what the triggers are that would work fine, but I don't see how I can change it from probability and amount.  Even if I could make the second trigger (amount) be something else, the probability part wouldn't be a problem.  Again, I'm just trying to 'automate' the billing process, so I'm alerted when a job status changes to Installation Complete.


To 'automate' you will need workflows at least. There is no way than workflow to send emails, as far as I know.


What about this article: http://success.salesforce.com/questiondetail?qId=a1X30000000HZOeEAO


can the coding be tweaked from cases to opportunities?  So, removing caseID & replacing with OpportunityID, and etc., with the result of an email being sent to me which can simply comprise of a job #.  I'll know what it means...  I've been trying to do this but I don't know the code and have to hunt & peck...