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Order of execution in salesforce?

Hi All,


As shown below the  execution of the process order is right  r not?if not so Please do the changes and let me know.



Apex class





Ankit AroraAnkit Arora

1. The original record is loaded from the database (or initialized for an insert statement)
2. The new record field values are loaded from the request and overwrite the old values
3. All before triggers execute (TRIGGERS)
4. System validation occurs, such as verifying that all required fields have a non-null value, and running any user-defined validation rules (VALIDATIONS)
5. The record is saved to the database, but not yet committed
6. All after triggers execute
7. Assignment rules execute
8. Auto-response rules execute
9. Workflow rules execute (WORKFLOW)
10. If there are workflow field updates, the record is updated again
11. If the record was updated with workflow field updates, before and after triggers fire one more time (and only one more time)
12. Escalation rules execute
13. All DML operations are committed to the database
14. Post-commit logic executes, such as sending email


Here is the reference :



Ankit Arora

Blog | Facebook | Blog Page

Avanish KumarAvanish Kumar

Order of execution in Salesforce

  1. The original record is loaded from the database
  2. System Validation Rules.
  3. Executes all before triggers.
  4. Custom Validation rules.
  5. Executes all after triggers.
  6. Executes assignment rules.
  7. Executes auto-response rules.
  8. Executes workflow rules.
  9. If there are workflow field updates, updates the record again.
  10. If the record was updated with workflow field updates, fires before and after triggers one more time. Custom validation rules are not run again.
  11. Executes escalation rules.
  12. If the record contains a roll-up summary field or is part of a cross-object workflow, performs calculations and updates the roll-up summary field in the parent record. Parent record goes through save procedure.
  13. If the parent record is updated, and a grand-parent record contains a roll-up summary field or is part of a cross-object workflow, performs calculations and updates the roll-up summary field in the parent record. Grand-parent record goes through save procedure.
  14. Executes Criteria Based Sharing evaluation.
  15. Commits all DML operations to the database.
  16. Executes post-commit logic. Ex: Sending email.

reference -



Avanish Kumar

Rahul ShawRahul Shaw

Pls. go through this updated link below:

Jancy MaryJancy Mary
@Rahul Shaw, thanks for sharing the standard Salesforce Article.

Part A - Client Side Validation
1. Javascript validation for all the dependent picklists

Part B - Server Side Validation
1. Records are loaded from the database to the in memory.
2. Loads the new record field value and overrides the old ones.
3. System validations at the layout and other places.
4. Before trigger gets executed.
5. System validation again gets executed.
6. execute duplicate record check.
7. Record gets saved but not yet committed to the database.
8. After trigger gets executed.
9. Execute the assignment rules.
10.Auto Response rule.
11. Workflow rules get executed.
12. Execute processes.
13. Escalation and approvals get executed.
14.Commits all DML operations to the database.
15. Executes post-commit logic, such as sending Emails.
Sahil Gupta 8Sahil Gupta 8
Order of Execution in Salesforce:
  1. All Before Triggers.
  2. System Validation Rules.
  3. Custom Validation Rules.
  4. All After Triggers.
  5. All Assignment Rules.
  6. All Auto-Response Rules.
  7. All Workflow Rules.
  8. All Escalation Rules.
  9. At Last, Post-Commit Logic.
Ian Fisher 15Ian Fisher 15
1. System Validation Rules
2. Apex Before Triggers
3. Custom Validation Rules
4. Duplicate Rules
5. Apex After Triggers
6. Assignment Rules
7. Auto-Response Rules
8. Workflow Rules
9. Processes
10. Escalation Rules
11. Roll-Up Summary Fields
Source: ADM-211 Advanced Administration Course.
Bob HatcherBob Hatcher
I advise everyone to look at the actual Salesforce documentation this (currently here ( since some of the above responses are incorrect or misleading. For example, Ankit's response above is from 2011 and indicates before triggers run before system validations, which is incorrect.
HowToDo ItInSalesforceHowToDo ItInSalesforce
Hi Techies,

I have listed down Order of execution in Salesforce, Check this out  Order of Execution in Salesforces in 15 Easy Steps

Pratichi DashPratichi Dash
Where does Process builder comes in this order?
@Pratichi Dash, along with the execution of Workflow Rules.
Ankush DurejaAnkush Dureja
You can check latest order of execution in this link:
Ajinkya AmbalkarAjinkya Ambalkar
Order of execution:

1) Standard validation rule
2) Before trigger
3) Custom validation rule
4) After trigger
5) Workflow rule
6) Process builder
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Here we have a new addition here. We now have Before save flow which executes before triggers.
You can find updated details here:
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Emily JuanEmily Juan

Exact Order Execution
1. Custom validation rule
2. Standard validation rule
3. Before trigger
4. Workflow rule
5. Process builder
6. After trigger

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