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Bulk api InvalidBatch : Field name not found



I am using the bulk upload code described at http://www.salesforce.com/us/developer/docs/api_asynch/.


The only difference is that i am uploading a custom object type.  I can access Employee_c. But now i get a different error

 stateMessage='InvalidBatch : Field name not found : First Name'


First Name is the first column in the csv.


While debugging i can see that the temp csv is being created correctly. However i get this error when  checkResults executes. The code is exactly the same as in the sample java code for bulk api using REST.


I am using the free developer version of salesforce. I did check permissions of fields in employees. They are all at max visibility and read/write


Any pointers would be appreciated





Edit: I created a new permission set where i have given custom object employee Read/create/edit/delete/view all/modify all. All fields are given edit permissions. The permission set is associated with salesforce user license. The programmatic login is with a user associated with System administraor profile , which has sales force user license.

But still the error persists!


The API is going to want the "API Name" of the field.  "First Name" sounds more like the label.  An API name would look more like "First_Name__c".   You can see the API name in the field definition in SFDC setup. 


I generated the WSDL file so that I could see all the names in one text file rather than traverse the UI every time.