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Inline Editing Problem

Hi all,


I have this requirement like I would want to differentiate between editing from the front-end and updating using the data loader. For normal editing I have a field set so that will help me achieve it. Why I am doing so is that I am going to change one field called as status, say from 'A' to 'B' when I am using my data loader to indicate that I have extracted those records. Update using data loader happens after extraction. But, when I use inline editing, the status changes from 'A' to 'B' and I don't want that. This inline editing comes in the VIEW.


I want to know if there is some way where in we can find the type of editing that takes place i.e.., if it is an inline editing or not.


Or If I could find this save button in the inline edit popup, I can write an s-control or so.


Any help on this is appreciated. Thanks a lot!!


So I would suggest you do it the other way round while uploading data via dataloader provide a hidden field value  (not on the page layout)  say "DataLoad" setwhich to 1 for all records uploaded via dataloader, that field will not have any value as it is not on the pagelayout when creating via Inline editing or Standard UI and based on that field set the "Status" field using a workflow or trigger.