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Eclipse Questions and Plugins

I am looking to upgrade to eclipse 3.5,  and looking for some guidance in a couple of areas:


  • Which eclipse bundle to install if I am going to use it for only Force.com development (xml/html,.javascript, Force.com IDE, maybe Flash builder)
  • What are some recommended plug-ins other then the ones in the package. 
  • What differences can I expect from using eclipse 3.5.2 over my existing 3.3.2 build (force.com dev)


As for plug-ins here are my findings:

I found JSEclipse very useful when leveraging javascript in your VF pages, 

Also for documentation I have uses Green UML to make class diagrams however I could not get it to work directly with the class files so I had to copy into a java project to get it to work,  I would really like to find a way to create documentation easier.


Thanks in advance,