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Can I report on Objects & Fields for Creation and Modified Date?

We make a lot of customizations to our Salesforce instance. We have tons of custom objects, fields, and Apex code.


I'm looking to submit a report to our executive team that shows the usefulness of salesforce and in particular the amount of customization we do for the company.


One method I'll like to use is to show the number custom objects and fields we created (by created date) and the last modified date. Being able to filter packaged components would be a bonus. Ideally, I could report on the frequency of edits made to a field or object although that would be icing on top.


Is any of this feasible right now? I haven't seen anything in the report types that suggests that it is. I'm currently been trying to track this by hand which hasn't been very easy to keep up to date. I know Salesforce already stories the created and modified dates of the objects and fields so I was hoping a report was possible.


Anyone have recommendations on how I can do this? My next stop is going to be the idea exchange otherwise.