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Hi All,


I have been asked if we can store our documentation as knowledge base articles. This sounds doable if you think of every document page as an individual article.


The problem I see is that, if the documentation needs to have an index and every article(page) needs to be related to another or have previous or next links. I don't see how can you keep that relation after importing the documents as articles. Also, links in pages to other pages would be lost.


Our documentation currently looks pretty much like this. http://www.salesforce.com/us/developer/docs/api/index.htm (index, table of contents, relative links to other pages).


Any ideas about how can we keep the current indexing after importing the articles?


Has anyone worked on something like this or think this can be done using the KB platform?.



Julian Juez Alfaro 3Julian Juez Alfaro 3
I have the same request. I do not this this is possible today with standard functionality. Have you managed to find what you are looking for?

Thank you,