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Formula Date Field: "Month/Year"

Sorry if this is a simple one, but can you create a formula date field taht displays: "Month/Year"


From an existing standard date field, I would like to create a formula that pulls just the "MONTH/YEAR"


Tthe solution cannot be convert the DATE field to a TEXTas that creates issues in reports when sorting.   




One thing you can do is YEAR/MONTH.  Then you can convert to text and sort appropriately.




Yes it is possible, But you need use some technique-


Step 1) Create a temperory forumula field, that is type 'Date' and in this use Today() as forumula.

         Formula-                         Today()

         Type -                               Date

         Assume name is -        rajjha_tempdate__c


Step 2) Create a another forumula field, this is type 'Text' and write this formula -

          LEFT(TEXT(rajjha__tempdate__c),   LEN(TEXT(rajjha__tempdate__c))-3)


now insert a new record, surely you will get Month-Year  value.



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That would give me the formula, but since it is not in a Date formate, when it is grouped in a report it will not be in chronological order. 


Do you know how to accomplish that?


My bad.  You could save it as a number though as 2012.01, 2012.02 ... 2012.12


Try to convert final text into Date. May be on a same formula field or you need another formula field. 




If you not find solution please reply I wil give you another solution


Thank You.

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Thanks for your suggestion however it still doesnt' work. 


Error: Incorrect number of parameters for function 'DATE()'. Expected 3, received 1



Any suggestions?


Many thanks!