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Custom instructions on pages per object



I'd like to hear some suggestions about displaying custom instructions on pages, per object. For example, I want to show a text on top of the New Object page (New mode) that tells the user what to do.


I'm not looking for field-level help or even the Help Page link that Salesforce can be configured to use.



Greg HGreg H

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Use a Visualforce page as an override for the entire page - doing this will allow you to customize the whole page to look and feel however you decide. However, this will make maintenance somewhat combersome because you will have to update each Visualforce page instead of the standard page layouts when you want to add/remove fields to a page.
  2. Use a Visualforce page inside a section of the standard page layout - doing this will allow you to customize a message for display in that section of the page but still provide the ongoing flexibility of adding/removing fields using the standard page layout editor.

I've done this both ways and option 2 is usually the easier one to maintain over time. But option 1 gives you a lot more options for how to display the messaging.