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How to customize the multi-line Add Products to Opportunity page

Hi There -


I'm trying to figure out how to use a visualforce page in place of the multi line item opportunity products page when adding new opportunity products.  Here's the flow I want:


Looking at an opportunity -> Looking at the products for that opportunity -> Click: Add Products -> It brings up the list of products and you can search and select more than one -> Click: Select -> You see my visualforce page where I can use apex to control what is seen on this screen.


I see where I can override the "Edit All Products" which is the same screen to edit rather than add, but overriding that doesn't override the screen when I am adding them initially.  Is this something that salesforce can't support?  I'm awfully confused as this seems like it should be possible.


it is possible to override button salesforce but not sureif you can overried Edit All product button. you can overried New, Edit such type of buttons.


Hi Sandeep -


Thanks for your reply, but in this case you cannot override the "new" button.  In fact, there is no "new" button.  There is only "Add Product" and "Edit All Products" (both can be overriden)... I want to override the page that you see after you select products to be added.  Does anybody know if this is possible?


No, you would have to build your own "add products" page in its entirety, including searching.