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filedlevel security ?

is there any difference between making  field as mandatory through  page lalayout and  filedlevel security  ?


Yes..There is a difference to set a mandatory from page layout to field level security.

Field Level Security - It is a first level of the security at a field level, if you make the field mandatory from field - level security and it is automatically mandatory for all the screens in the application with respecitve profiles(page layout/custom visual force pages)


Page Layout mandatory - it is specific to individual profile




Few Additions.
Field Level Security is very different from Page layouts.
When you mark a field required/Mandatory it will flow throughout the application,across the profile and also it will apply to any update/insert action that can occur through API's.

Where as page layouts apply this to a specific layout and doesnt actually change at backend level and hence the fields are not required for any api calls, triggers etc
Sagar PareekSagar Pareek
Use field-level security as the means to restrict users’ access to fields; then use page layouts primarily to organize detail and edit pages within tabs. This reduces the number of page layouts for you to maintain.

Here is a link to a pretty comprehensive and detailed overview of the diffences between enabling security/access to fields via the Page Layout and Profile Field Level Security:




Hope this helps!