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Ken KoellnerKen Koellner 

TEXT() function not accepted on picklist field in formula

I'm working on a formula for Entry Criteria for an Approval Process.  I want to check a picklist value.  I tried --




I get this error --


Error: Incorrect parameter type for TEXT. Expected Number, Date, DateTime, received Picklist


Without the TEXT, I get the error that only certain functions will work on a picklist field.  I read the help and it says one of the ones to use is TEXT().  Then I use TEXT() and it complains about it being used on a picklist fields.


Is the documentation out-of -date?  Does the TEXT() not longer work on picklist and is there something else I should use.

Ken KoellnerKen Koellner

By the way, I can use the following formula in a formula field --




So it works in a formula but not in entry criteria.  Looks like a bug to me.  I could run it by tech support but that always wastes hours and they'll probably tell me that even though the documentation say to use TEXT, it doesn't work in Entry Criteria.  I could do a workaround by doing a formula field so I may just do that.


If anyone does know the answer as to why TEXT(pickListField) works in a formula field but not in Entry Criteria, please speak up.  Maybe there's something I missed.



TO test picklist field value, use ISPICKVAL...

i.e. to test if a picklist field is empty, use:

IF (ISPICKVAL(event_type__c, ""),"Yes","No")



my fault for not reading the entire message.


but... i don't know why. may be it's really a bug.