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Native Email VS Compose Gmail



I am investigating the differences between SFDC "Send an Email" and "Compose Gmail". What are the avantages and disadvatages? 





Hi SC,

Compose Gmail shows up when you have it activated from Setup > Google Apps >Settings.

When you click the Compose Gmail button, Salesforce automatically logs you into your Gmail account and automatically populates the To field. If Gmail to Salesforce is activated, Salesforce also populates the BCC field with your Email to Salesforce address and the mail is sent from your GMAIL Account address.

With "Send an Email", Email is sent from Salesforce Email server and the email address seen in the from address will be your email address associated with your username.

Both have their own advantage and disadvantage but it depends on your requirement that will define what should be used in your ORG.

Adrian SmythAdrian Smyth
Hi Sonam_SFDC,
How does one modify the gmail account that's associated with the Compose Gmail button?

I've tried changing the default email address used everywhere in the various settings including My Email to Salesforce settings (https://na15.salesforce.com/email/admin/emailToSalesforceUserEdit.apexp) but to no avail :(

Thanks in advance
Adrian SmythAdrian Smyth
I since found the answer myself, partly in thanks to https://success.salesforce.com/answers?id=90630000000hR1MAAU whereby the gmail account that opens when you click the button is your gmail account "by default".
If you have multiple accounts open then log out of the ones you don't want to use and the remaining one becomes the default account for Salesforce.
This may help others who needed this information.
Hi Everyone,

I have a slightly different  but related question here. 
When Compose Gmail is enabled, can we use the Native 'Send Email' button also?
I tried Sending Email from Native button and the related Contact is not receiving any emails?
Any help is much appreciated, we are in a little urgent situation here. 
Luna SmithLuna Smith
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