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Publish Connected Apps - Summer 13

After Summer 13 updates, I am not able to see the 'Publish' button on Connected Apps. It was there before the update as I was using it.


(I have a namespace set for my Org.)


I am not sure about the reason but here is some update for Connected App after Summer 13





Have you registered the namespace? Without a namespace, you can develop an app but not publish it.


Also,have a look at the Summer 13 release notes (Page 193).


If your existing canvas app meets the following conditions, then users won’t be able to access it after the Summer ’13 release.
• It was created before the Summer ’13 release.
• It uses signed request authentication.
• The Permitted Users field is set to All users may self-authorize


Summer 13 relase notes: 




Satish Kumar


Hello Gulshan,


Please register your name space to get Publish option, register a namespace in Setup>Create>Packages>Edit "Developer Settings"> Register Namespace.

Hope this helps!


Thanks for the help guys, but as I have already posinted in my post, I have a namespace set in my Org.


Rather I did published a connected app from that Org earlier but  now I am not able to do that anymore.


Salesfoce support confirmed that we cannot publish a connected App anymore.


It has to be added as a part of your un/managed package and installed. Hence the publish button is gone (forever)


With Summer '13 comes the ability to package Canvas Apps.  Because of this, you no longer need to Publish the app as you did prior to Summer '13.


Instead, simply create a package and add the Canvas App to the package (Canvas Apps are listed under Connected Apps in the component selector).  Once you have added it to the package, simply upload your package.


Note, Canvas Apps (and Connected Apps) can only be added to a Managed Package.


Hope this helps.