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what is line item and pricebook?

Bhawani SharmaBhawani Sharma
PriceBook is standard object. You procusts must be associated with a pricebook before attaching to a Opportunity.
OpportunityLineItem: is relationship object between your product and Opportunity. So when you add a Product on opportunity, it create OLI record.

Price Books is like a Price catalog that contains a list of your products and the list price at which they are being offered to the customers. The way it is setup in is that if you want to associate a price to a Product, you have to add it to a Price Book in order to do so. In case you want to maintain multiple price books in the system, you would first need to associate the Product to the Standard Price Book and associate a Standard price to it. Once this is done, you can add the same product to multiple custom price books. When you add a Product to a Price book, it becomes a Price Book Entry


Line Item - Line Items are Opportunity Line Items that basically shows what products are being offered to a customer on an opportunity. As per the standard process, in order to add Products as Line Items to an Opportunity, you first need to select a Price Book. Depending upon the selected Price book, all the underlying Products or Price Book Entries can be selected against that Opportunity as Line Items.


Here is a link from that you can refer to know more about Products, Price Books and Line Items:


Hope this helps!


Hi Pavan,


Pricebookprice book is a list of products and their associated prices.

Salesforce provides two types of price books—standard and custom.

  • The standard price book is a master list of all products with their associated default or standard prices. It automatically lists all products and standard prices regardless of the custom price books that also contain them.
  • A custom price book is a list of products with their custom or list prices, making them ideal for offering different prices to different market segments. Custom price books can contain discounted list prices or list prices that are higher than the standard price.

LineItem - It is a junction object. It  is a member of the list of Product2 products associated with an Opportunity, along with other information about those products on that opportunity.

An Opportunity can have associated OpportunityLineItem records only if the Opportunity has a Pricebook2. An OpportunityLineItem must correspond to a Product2 that is listed in the opportunity's Pricebook2. 


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Yoganand GadekarYoganand Gadekar

Pricebook i think stores products and their prices (cost price, min price, max price etc)


Line item i would say is instance of a product which tels you about the offer price Quantity selected.



A good explanation on price books, price book entries, and products is at